Kita Data Products & Solutions provide turnkey, managed data products and HDF Cloud support and consulting for The HDF Group’s Highly Scalable Data Service (HSDS)our open source REST-based solution for reading, writing, and sharing data within object-based storage environments such as the Cloud. Utilize Kita solutions to quickly integrate seamlessly within your preferred storage environment and optimize the way you access, query, compute and collaborate with HDF5® data.

Kita Lab

JupyterLabs enabled data exploration, fully hosted by the HDF Group. Learn more with a 30-day free trial. (Trial instructions.)

Kita Server for AWS Marketplace

Access from anywhere using Amazon Machine Image (AMI) for AWS.

HDF Cloud Support Services

Work with The HDF Group staff to install and customize HSDS on your existing infrastructure.

Interested in learning more about Kita? Contact the HDF Group today to see which solution is right for you.