HDF® Consulting

HDF® Consulting

HDF®, HPC, and big data compute industry and technology experts

From development rapid-start to system optimization and software troubleshooting, our team can save you time and resources on projects large and small. The HDF Group’s industry experts, scientists, and engineers have extensive experience in applying HPC and HDF® technologies across a wide variety of industries and scientific fields.


  • Expert guidance and assistance through early HDF technical decisions to ensure project success and avoid missteps
  • In-depth knowledge on best practices and industry data formats and standards for data schema design and metadata management. We will help you create and/or implement a schema that solves your unique challenges
  • Improved performance and functionality through a health check and performance tune-up of your applications, including expert recommendations and help implementing solutions
  • HPC expertise on how best to deploy and tune HDF in your large, high performance environments. Topics include parallel file system optimization, MPI installation, and more
  • Rapid troubleshooting with our software and other software in the HDF software ecosystem
  • Custom application and feature development—we will work closely with your organization to assist you in designing and developing your custom applications to take full advantage of HDF in your environment
  • Basic, advanced, and customized training courses on a wide range of topics from introductions to HDF5 to using advanced HDF5 effectively on parallel systems. We will provide hands-on practical tutorials at The HDF Group headquarters or at a site of your choosing

Contact The HDF Group today to schedule a discussion of how our consulting services can help your organization implement HDF and HPC technologies.