New Employee Announcement: Keith Bateman

Keith Bateman has joined The HDF Group as a software engineer and ambassador of the Scalable Computing Systems Lab (SCS). Keith is a third-year PhD student at Illinois Tech (IIT), where he researches distributed storage, especially storage provisioning and scheduling. His advisors at IIT, Drs. Sun and Kougkas are household names in the field, and SCS has a long-standing collaboration with The HDF Group on the Hermes project. In his new role at The HDF Group, Keith will be working on improving the HDF5 RADOS VOL connector and Mobject component as part of the Mochi project.

Fun fact: Keith shares his name with an Australian runner with the motto “Older yet faster” (OYF), which is fitting given his propensity for the Emacs text editor.

Welcome, Keith! 

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