Webinar: HDF Technologies and Resources for Geospatial Data

HDF Technologies and Resources for Geospatial Data

The HDF Group created HDF at NCSA in 1988 to enable scientists and engineers to describe, store, and access large, complex data structures and collections. Since then we have worked with data producers, providers, and users all over the world and in every discipline to develop and evolve HDF to meet the needs of changing technologies and applications. Applications as diverse as gravity wave detection, gene sequencing, and finance use the HDF5 data model and software to acquire and share data and solve problems on the world’s largest computers (including Blue Waters), the cloud, laptops, and embedded devices.

In this talk we will introduce the HDF Group and take a tour of the HDF ecosystem, including the HDF5 data model, HDF5 middleware and cloud services, the HDF community, and the HDF user environment. We present representative applications of HDF5, emphasizing the role HDF plays in the geospatial arena. We discuss current uses of HDF5 to work with high-resolution land-based assets such as point cloud data, and potential future directions such as optimal HDF5 encoding of Discrete Global Grid System geospatial data.

More information on this series can be found on NCSA’s website. They’re also hosting the slide deck and video recording.



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