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David Pearah, The HDF Group

Hello again, HDF User Community,

As I mentioned in my last blog post — HDF: The Next 30 Years (Part 2) — we’re looking for ways to better engage our users, which includes providing better tools for you to get support from the HDF Community.  We are looking for your input on three things: the HDF User Forum, Roadmap for HDF5, and Focus Groups – please take a few minutes to complete these short surveys and let us know what you think!

Discussion Board and Listserv Forum Feedback:  LINK  We currently provide a listserv as the primary way that folks post questions and feedback to the community, and we would like your feedback since we’re looking at web-based tools to complement or replace this email-centric approach.  Since this is your resource, we need your input.

2017 Roadmap Survey:  LINK  We’re looking for feedback on a variety of ideas that we’ve brainstormed internally and in collaboration with key folks in the HDF Community over the past 6 months. We’re specifically looking at efforts that create premium (i.e. paid) services and products that build on our open source core.

Live Focus Groups:  LINK  In addition to the surveys, we’re offering 3 live + interactive meetings over the next month where you can provide unfiltered feedback on the following topics:

  • HDF5 in the Cloud: AWS/Google/Azure + Object Storage
  • HDF5 in Hadoop
  • HDF5 Core Roadmap: what additional features + functionality are you looking for?

In addition, you should always feel free to respond in the forum or send me an email at

We’re excited about the opportunities ahead, and we depend on you to help us be successful.  Please take a few minutes to make your voice heard!

Dave Pearah
The HDF Group

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