Academic Research

Why HDF Technologies?

HDF5 provides a ready-made solution for scientists who need to find a way to store and share their data and it runs on almost any computing platform. In addition, the HDF5 data model can accommodate extremely large, complex, high dimensional, and hetergenous data. Many common software tools used for academic research support HDF5, including Labview, MATLAB, Mathematica, ParaView, and Matplotlib. HDF5 also supports many programming languages including: Fortran, Python, R, .NET, Julia and many others.


How HDF Technologies are Used

  • Standard format for managing scientific simulation data on high end computing platforms
  • Standard for a large and wide ranging collection of scientific communities
  • Research projects using HDF5 from B.S., MA, and PHD’s have led to enduring applications that went on to serve the community more broadly