HDF5® Source Code

HDF5® Source Code

The source code distributions for Unix and Windows are identical except for the line endings.

hdf5-1.10.6.tar 110.9 MB
hdf5-1.10.6.tar.bz2 8.4 MB
hdf5-1.10.6.tar.gz 11.6 MB
hdf5-1.10.6.zip 13.6 MB
hdf5-1.10.6.md5 322.0 B
    Building HDF5

    Instructions for building HDF5 can be found in the release_docs/ directory in the source code.

    CMake is required for building HDF5 on Windows.  Please see the CMake Versions provided below for a simplified method of building HDF5 with CMake.

    Cmake Versions

    Please see the instructions below for additional information.

    CMake-hdf5-1.10.6.tar.gz 12.9 MB
    CMake-hdf5-1.10.6.zip 14.8 MB
      Building HDF5 with CMake

      CMake is required to build HDF5 on Windows. It can optionally be used for Unix platforms. To simplify building HDF5 with CMake, a CTest script and platform configuration file are packaged with the HDF5 library. Download the file for Unix or Windows above as needed, and follow the Building With CMake installation instructions.