HDF5® ODBC Connector

SQL-Based Access to HDF5® Data

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    Unlock your HDF5 data and make it available to your users who are not hard-core programmers (e.g., business users, analysts, and engineers) who “just want to query the data” from their go-to analytics tool.

    The HDF5 ODBC Connector (Basic Edition) provides SQL-based interface for querying HDF5 data from within Excel, Tableau, R, SAS or any other analytic tool that supports the industry-standard ODBC interface. This software makes HDF5 data easily compatible with a much broader set of analytic tools, thereby reducing the cost of development, deployment, and operations for working with HDF5 data.

    To purchase the ODBC Connector (Basic Edition) for Windows or Linux, please contact us at sales@hdfgroup.org.

    Product Overview

    Key Benefits and Features

    • FREE 14-Day trial
    • Quick and easy to install
    • Connect real-time to data stored in HDF5
    • Access data from the most popular BI tools without any data extraction steps
    • Query, analyze, visualize, and report on data stored in HDF5 using SQL SELECT
    • Technical support through online documentation and the HDF Group’s helpdesk
    • Runs on Windows and Linux

    Technical Details

    • Supports all versions of HDF5
    • Works with the latest ODBC 3 API standard
    • Supports SQL’s JOIN, GROUP, ORDER, AGGREGATE and UNION functions (but not the INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE functions)
    • Powered by Simba Technologies’ SQL Engine (based on SQL92)
    • Runs on Windows (Versions 2008, 2012, 8, 10)
    • Review the Installation Guide.
    • Review the User’s Guide.

    Flexible Licensing

    If your organization needs more than a single desktop license for the HDF5 ODBC Connector, the HDF Group can work with you on alternative licensing options, providing a solution that fits your needs. If you are interested in discussing alternative licensing options, please contact us at sales@hdfgroup.org.

    Product Roadmap

    The HDF Group is currently developing additional versions of the HDF5 ODBC Connector software, including:

    • Linux and MacOS X versions of the Basic Edition.
    • Advanced versions of the ODBC Connector that contain enterprise/server-centric features including:
      • Enterprise licensing and deployment
      • Access to remote data over a network
      • Advanced levels of security access to data in HDF5 files
      • User-friendly view configurations into the data and metadata in HDF5 files

    If you are interested in learning more about these advanced versions, please contact us at sales@hdfgroup.org.