Jira Access

Community Ticket Access

The HDF Group uses Jira to record bugs, issues, and feature requests. We’ve recently opened this up to the community.

You can now login to The HDF Group’s Jira instance and view HDF bugs, issues, and feature requests. Community members can browse, search, and vote on issues. We’re currently working on a program to identify community developers for a higher level of access to the bug tracker and repository.

Steps to access:
  1. Use your hdfgroup.org login (used to access the forum or download binaries on this site). If you don’t have a login, please register.
  2. Visit jira.hdfgroup.org and login.

Once logged in, you can search and browse issues and vote on issues to let us know what’s important to you. If you’re not familiar with Jira, you might find the system dashboard an interesting place to start.