The HDF® Community

Connect and collaborate with HDF users from all over.

For over 25 years, our diverse global community of organizations and software developers have applied HDF technologies to solve their specific computing challenges. You can speed up and improve your own software development by engaging with the HDF community.

HDF has a massive, community-built software ecosystem



HDF5 software projects on GitHub



Python-related HDF5 software projects


HDF5 Software

Submitted to The HDF Group, including tools and other packages.



Software using HDF4

Community-driven documentation, tutorials, and a searchable knowledge base

Community help and support from the HDF Forum

The HDF Forum has long been a place for users to go for community-driven help and expertise. On the forum, you can browse 12+ years of searchable archives or post your question for the community and HDF Group staffers alike.

The HDF Group’s Support Portal

The HDF Group’s Support Portal is the location for for a wealth of documentation on HDF5, HDF4, HDFView and Javatools, including a collection of HDF5 tutorials, the HDF5 Libraries and Tools Reference, and design specifications. The portal also hosts a searchable knowledge base and community support.

A community-driven technical advisory board

The HDF5 Technical Advisory Board (TAB) was created in 2019 to represent the HDF5 community in setting priorities and to develop roadmaps for HDF5, mentor HDF5 software developers and maintainers, and encourage and facilitate community contributions to HDF5 libraries and line tools. Every year the technical advisory board identifies goals and objectives for the year and at the end of the year publishes a report on its activities and achievements. The board’s deliberations and actions are logged on The HDF Group’s confluence site.