​Release of HDFView 3.3.1 (Newsletter #197)

The HDFView 3.3.1 release is now available from the HDFView 3.3.1 download page. This release was built and tested with HDF 4.2.16 and HDF5 1.14.2.

There are a few critical notes:

  • Windows ONLY: HDFView built with VS 2015 will require that the Visual C++ Redistributable Packages be installed on your machine. If you cannot access HDF5 files, then you do not have these packages. Download and install the packages to fix this issue.
  • This release was built and tested with OpenJDK 19. It uses modules and the newest jpackage for distribution.

This release includes a number of major and minor bug fixes.

  • A crash when opening HDF4 files have been fixed.
  • A crash that occurred on netCDF4 grids has been fixed.
  • Added support for variable-length types in Java.

Please see the full release notes for detailed information regarding this release, including a detailed list of changes. As always, feel free to post on the forum with any questions.

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