Webinar Followup: Tablite: 9BN rows/sec + HDF5 Support for all Python Datatypes

On October 26, 2022, 9:00 a.m. Central time US/Canada, The HDF Group hosted Dr. Bjorn Madsen, Head of System Design Tools, Dematic to talk about his project, Tablite.

Tablite is an open source project which can be used for incremental data processing. Tablite uses HDF5 as a backend with strong abstraction, so that copy/append/repetition of data is handled in pages (this allows us to slice 9,000,000,000 rows in less than a second on localhost. Additional benefits of Tablite include the implementation of multiprocessing, respecting and addressing the limits of free memory, and using datatype mapping to native HDF5 types which in combination makes Tablite an elegant solution.

Come learn from Tablite’s developer about what Tablite is, and how and when to use it from its developer Dr. Bjorn Madsen, Head of System Design Tools, Dematic.


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