Release of HDF5-1.10.8 (Newsletter #180)

We are very pleased to announce the release of HDF5-1.10.8, which can now be obtained from the HDF5 Download page. Information about this release can be found at Software Changes from Release to Release

HDF5-1.10.8 is a minor release with several new features and changes:

  • The following vulnerability issues were addressed:
  • HDF5 now requires Visual Studio 2015 or greater, so old work-around code and definitions have been removed.  See RELEASE.txt for specifics.
  • New wrappers for the following H5S functions were added to the Java Library
    H5Sselect_copy, H5Sselect_shape_same, H5Sselect_adjust, H5Sselect_intersect_block, H5Sselect_project_intersection, H5Scombine_hyperslab, H5Smodify_select, H5Scombine_select
  • New platforms tested include Linux 4 and Linux 5 versions on x86_64, macOS M1, BigSur, and VS 2019 with clang 12.0.0.
  • Other changes in CMake:
    • C++ library is no longer built by default, HDF5_BUILD_CPP_LIB now defaults to OFF
    • Shell script tests are now run in test/ by default
    • CMake messages were reclassified, to allow new modes and --log-level option
  • New options in this release:
    • To control certain compiler warnings diagnostics
      Autotools:    --enable-diags
      CMake:        HDF5_ENABLE_BUILD_DIAGS
    • To consider certain compiler warnings as errors
      Autotools:    -enable-warnings-as-errors
    • To control the build of High-Level tools with default ON/enabled.
      Autotools:    --enable-hltools
      CMake:        HDF5_BUILD_HL_TOOLS

This release contains other changes that are not listed here. Please be sure to read the Release Notes for a comprehensive list of new features and changes.

Changes that affect maintainers of HDF5-dependent applications are listed on the HDF5 Software Changes from Release to Release page.

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