2021 HDF5 User Group Meeting Follow-up

Thank you to everyone for a great event, and especially thank you to all of our presenters. The breadth and quality of the content presented is just amazing, and that’s certainly a tribute to the presenters. We had lots of great question and answer sessions throughout the event and I think there has been at least one spin-off topic started here on the forum, which is great.

  • Recordings are now posted. You can access these recordings (and slide decks) from the Agenda.
  • Watch the entire playlist. If you feel like settling in for a longer watch, we have a playlist to run through every session.

If you have any feedback or questions for the organizing committee, there is a link to reach out at

Again, thank you so much to those who presented, participated or attended. We look forward to continuing the HDF5 User Group meetings next year.

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