Webinar Announcement: New HDF5 Features Coming in 2020-2021

Learn about three upcoming HDF5 features in different stages of development that we are planning to add to HDF5 library in the next two years. This webinar is scheduled for Friday, October 25, at 11:00 a.m. CDT.

  • John Mainzer will show us the splitter and mirror VFD, which makes HDF5 data available on a remote system for reading, while still creating the file on a local system.
  • David Young will demonstrate the VFD SWMR (virtual file driver single writer/multiple reader) which would remove the limits of the current SWMR implementation.
  • Gerd Heber will give a talk on sparse data management in HDF5 covering an overview of this problem and the design options for handling it in the future.

We would also love to hear from you if you’d like a more in-depth webinar on any of these new developments, or if you can be a tester of our prototypes of these new features. There will be a poll during the webinar, but you can also reach out by email to epourmal -at-

The webinar is scheduled for Friday, 10/25 at 11:00 CDT. Please register to get this event on your calendar and ensure you get an email when the recording is available. We’ll also post this recording here, on the forum.

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