HDFView 3.1 Release (Newsletter #169)

HDFView 3.1 is now available from the HDFView home page:

This release was built and tested with HDF5-1.10.5, HDF 4.2.14, and Open JDK 11. It includes several important new features and changes:

  • The HDFView software was reworked to reduce code duplication and to improve the display of objects. This will help significantly in maintaining the software.
  • HDFView can now be built without the HDF4 library.
  • Support was added for PPC64LE with GTK+-3.0.

Many bugs have also been fixed in this release. For a complete list of the new features and changes, please see the Release Notes.

Please be aware that we currently are not able to provide HDFView packaged on Mac OS X because of changes in Oracle’s licensing of Java. We have moved to the latest version of OpenJDK. However, OpenJDK does not supply a JRE, which is required by the Java Mac packager used by HDFView. We are currently investigating other packaging alternatives. Please contact for more information regarding this issue.

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