HDF5 1.10.5 Release (Newsletter #168)

The HDF5 1.10.5 release is now available for download from:

The user documentation and source code (only) can be obtained from the Support Portal:

This release contains several important new features and changes:

    • Support for OpenMPI was added. For known problems and issues please see OpenMPI Build Issues.
    • To better support OpenMPI, all MPI-1 API calls were replaced by MPI-2 equivalents.
    • Support was added for cross compiling with CMake on HPC machines.
    • A new option was added to enable/disable using pread/pwrite in place of read/write in the sec2, log, and core VFDs:
      Autotools: --enable-preadwrite
    • The ability to minimize dataset object headers was added. New APIs (for C, Fortran, and Java) were introduced to support this feature. See: H5Fget_dset_no_attrs_hint, H5Fset_dset_no_attrs_hint, H5Pget_dset_no_attrs_hint and H5Pset_dset_no_attrs_hint.
    • New chunk query functions (for C) were added. See: H5Dget_chunk_info, H5Dget_chunk_info_by_coord, and H5Dget_num_chunks.
    • The macros for the H5Oget_info and H5Ovisit APIs were removed and the H5Oget_info*1 and H5Ovisit*1 APIs were copied to H5Oget_info* and H5Ovisit*. As an example, H5Oget_info and H5Oget_info1 are identical in this release. API compatibility for maintenance releases was broken in HDF5 1.10.3 (and 1.10.4) when these macros were introduced, and this change corrects that.
    • To improve performance, the default behavior changed when reading a contiguous dataset collectively in its entirety by all processes.
    • Several bugs were fixed, including CVE vulnerability issues, as well as hanging issues with collective metadata reads during chunked dataset I/O, found in netCDF-4.

For details regarding these and other changes, please see the Release Notes. Also see Software Changes from Release to Release.

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