New Service Desk launched by The HDF Group

We are pleased to announce the launch of The HDF Group’s new web-based Service Desk. In addition to the old method of emailing, the Service Desk, is now available to the entire HDF community to submit issues, help requests, and bug reports.

The new service desk does require a login—you can register on our website if you don’t have a login already. With this login, you’ll be able to track future issues reports in one place. Although the technology to implement this is related to opening our ticketing system, tickets submitted to the Service Desk are not public. If beneficial to the community, our support team may copy issues into the public ticket pool for work by community developer (only after removing confidential, private, or proprietary information.)

The Service Desk will help the HDF Group meet the service level agreements for our Enterprise Support customers and provides a way for our community members to reach us. As always, this forum is another way of reporting issues or obtaining community support.

We look forward to your continued support on our path to sustainability.

The HDF Group

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