Community Ticket Access now available

After many requests, we are happy to announce we have opened our bug tracker to the community. The HDF Group has used Jira to record bugs, issues, and feature requests for many years, giving ticket numbers (usually HDFFV-#####) out, with no self-service way for users to follow-up on those tickets.

You can now login to our Jira instance and view these tickets. Issues reported via the forum can be found in the public tickets, and we’ll be adding more to the list as we sort through older issues.

Steps to access:

  1. Use your login (used to access this forum or download binaries on our website). If you don’t have a login, please register on our site.
  2. Visit and login.

Once logged in, you can search and browse issues and vote on issues to let us know what’s important to you. If you’re not familiar with Jira, you might find the system dashboard an interesting place to start. Elena Pourmal (@epourmal) is working on adding more tickets to the public queue and identifying community developers for a higher level of access. If you’re interested in contributing as a developer, please email Elena.

We’re also very close to opening up a browser-based Service Desk for reporting issues, both for our community users as well as our priority and Enterprise Support customers. Stay tuned for that announcement!

Thank you to the community for your patience!

The HDF Group

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