Release of HDF 4.2.14 – Newsletter #162


  • Release of HDF 4.2.14
  • Examples for Accessing NASA ESDIS Data

Release of HDF 4.2.14

The HDF 4.2.14 release is now available. It can be obtained from the HDF Support Portal:

The HDF 4.2.14 download page is:

HDF 4.2.14 is a minor release with a few changes, including:

  • Several improvements were made to the CMake configuration.
  • HDF4 now uses libtirpc for the XDR APIs, rather than Sun RPC, which is no longer supported.
  • A memory leak was removed in HRPendaccess.
  • The Java Native Interface (JNI) functions were calling the wrong interface for GR images. This has now been corrected.

For detailed information regarding this release, please see the release notes on the download page.

Examples for Accessing NASA ESDIS Data

The HDF Group provides example programs for accessing and visualizing a multitude of NASA ESDIS data products stored in HDF/HDF-EOS files. There are example programs for Python (pyhdf/h5py), NCL, MATLAB, and IDL, as well as the plots that are generated by these examples.

The examples are available from the HDF-EOS Tools and Information Center web site. Please visit the HDF-EOS Forum to learn about the most recent example updates. See the Examples page to download the examples.

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