Release of HDF5 1.8.19 (Newsletter #155)

The HDF5 1.8.19 release is now available. It can be obtained from the HDF5 Download page:

It can also be obtained directly from:

HDF5 1.8.19 is a minor release with a few new features and changes. Important changes include:

  • Several H5PL (C) APIs were added to manipulate the entries of the plugin path table: H5PLappend, H5PLget, H5PLinsert, H5PLprepend, H5PLremove, H5PLreplace, and H5PLsize.
  • H5Dget_chunk_storage_size (C) was added to obtain the storage size of a chunk in the file. This API was specifically added in support of H5DOread_chunk, but may also be useful for other purposes.
  • H5DOread_chunk (High Level C) was added to read a raw data chunk directly from a dataset in a file, bypassing HDF5’s internal data transfer pipeline, including filters.
  • Numerous C++ APIs were added or modified to better reflect the HDF5 model.
  • Support was added for OpenMPI 2.0.1 compiled with GCC 4.9.3.

This release contains many other changes that are not listed here. Please be sure to read the Release Notes for a comprehensive list of new features and changes.

Changes that affect maintainers of HDF5-dependent applications are listed on the HDF5 Software Changes from Release to Release page.

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