Release of HDF5 Library and Tools 1.14.1 (Newsletter #194)

The HDF5 library and tools 1.14.1 release is now available from the HDF5 Download page.

This is a maintenance release with a few changes and updates:

  • Added a Subfiling VFD configuration file prefix environment variable.
  • Added H5Pset_selection_io(), H5Pget_selection_io(), and H5Pget_no_selection_io_cause() API functions to manage the selection I/O feature. This can be used to enable collective I/O with type conversion, or it can be used with custom VFDs that support vector or selection I/O.
  • Added H5Pset_modify_write_buf() and H5Pget_modify_write_buf() API functions to allow the library to modify the contents of write buffers, in order to avoid malloc/memcpy. Currently only used for type conversion with selection I/O.
  • Multiple bug, memory leak, and buffer overrun fixes, particularly when parsing malformed files.

NOTE: HDF5 1.14.1-2 binaries are also available (these are now the default on the website). This is a patch release where the Autotools files were generated using Autoconf 2.71, which is required for using Intel’s oneAPI. There are no code changes in HDF5 1.14.1-2.

Please see the full release notes for detailed information regarding this release, including a detailed list of changes.

We also maintain a release schedule for all HDF5 library versions in the README on Github. As always, feel free to post on the forum with any questions.

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