Open source data management and storage suite

Utilize the HDF5 high performance data software library and file format to manage, process, and store your heterogeneous data. HDF5 is built for fast I/O processing and storage.

HDF Cloud

REST-based solution for reading and writing complex binary data formats

Developed to make large datasets accessible in a manner that’s both fast and cost-effective, HSDS stores HDF5 file using a sharded data schema, but provides the functionality traditionally offered by the HDF5 library as accessible by any HTTP client. Kita Data Products & Solutions provide users turnkey implementations of HSDS and customized training, support, and consulting.

HDF Software Priority Support

Technical support on-demand

Support for HDF5 is available from our community forum, but Priority Support customers also receive a guaranteed rapid issue response from The HDF Group’s Help Desk.

HDF® Consulting

HDF®, HPC, and big data compute industry and technology experts

Consulting allows you to leverage our expertise and experience across multiple industries and scientific fields to help you achieve your goals faster. Let our scientists, engineers, and industry experts help you obtain the most out of your HDF and/or HPC technology implementations.