Why Register?

The HDF Group’s public mission is to ensure the sustainable development of HDF technologies and the ongoing accessibility of HDF-stored data. We proactively engage with our community to ensure that our products and services meet the high standards they require for managing crucial data.

Registering on our site helps The HDF Group better understand who our community is, and where and how they use HDF technologies. We use this information to plan future product roadmaps for our open source products, as well as paid products and services. Additionally, registrations help us identify users who are using or can benefit from our paid products and services, which we rely on for the financial sustainability of the organization—thus ensuring we can continue our nonprofit mission.

By better understanding who is in our diverse user community, we are then able to solicit feedback and engage with specific scientific and research communities. Registration also allows us to inform our community of news, developments, product releases, and software updates. (You can read our privacy policy for more information.) If you don’t wish to receive these updates, you can simply uncheck the “keep me updated with emails from The HDF Group” box to opt out of future communications.