HDF5 Enterprise Support Edition

The Enterprise Support Edition (ESE) allows cutting-edge business and research organizations to have the best and latest HDF5 technology. In addition to all the core features of the HDF5 Community Edition (CE), ESE will include improvements in security, regular maintenance and bug-fix patches, and Add-on Modules that provide additional functionality outside the core library.

HDF5 ESE Subscription

Enterprise Support Edition Subscription
(The HDF Group)
From System Integrator
(e.g. Cray, IBM)
Issue Response System Operator, IT, and Admin User
Library End User: scientists  and programmers
Designated HPC Support Engineer
Help Desk — Portal < 4 hours
Help Desk — Phone and Email < 4 hours
Rapid Issue Response Fix or workaround within 5 days
Custom Build Assistance
HDF Library + Tools Binaries: HPC Multiple, custom binaries Only 1
Binaries: Conventional Linux + Windows
Major Version Releases
Maintenance, Security, and Bug Fix Patches
Library of Training Videos and Jupyter Notebooks
Ecosystem Usage Tracking Integration to client’s monitoring tool
Assist users with h5py, PyTables, pandas, and xarray

Enterprise Add-On Modules + Services

Area Options
Enterprise Add-on Modules
(included with subscription)
Storage System Connectors Cloud (S3), Hadoop (HDFS)
Binaries: HPC and Conventional Linux, Windows, Mac, and others on demand
Advanced Filters Pre-built and tuned compression filters
Analytical and Machine Learning Connectors Spark, TensorFlow
Performance Profiling Connectors ParaTools Tau
Expert Services
Consulting + Training
(additional cost, and only
available to ESE subscribers)
Application development
Application review and consulting
Filesystem performance tuning
Instructor-led training

Enterprise Support Edition lights the way to the future of HDF5 by utilizing the best of the HDF5 Community Edition and combining it with the expertise and attention of The HDF Group to help power those seeking limitless scientific collaboration and pushing for breakthrough using HDF-stored data.

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