Enterprise Support

HDF5® Enterprise Support (ES) is an annual subscription-based product that gives you priority access to The HDF Group’s professional services including training, prioritized support, bug fixes, and performance optimization for your applications. ES improves success in maintaining HDF5 infrastructure and reduces security risks when using HDF5.

For Organizations and Vendors who rely on HDF5 to support mission-critical infrastructure, ES provides rapid issue response, phone and support portal access, and assistance directly from our engineers and developers.

ES comes in three versions, so you can select the option that is right for your program/division, organization, or business.

Enterprise Support Overview

HDF5 Enterprise Support (ES)
Who’s it for? Program/Division
(limited users)
(unlimited users)
e.g. Federal agencies, companies, labs, universities
(e.g. software developers, system integrators)
Annual Subscription
(Contact us for quote)
Regular Maintenance Releases of Open Source HDF5 Core
(2x per year minimum)
Yes Yes Yes
Backporting of bug fixes, security patches for unsupported major releases for up to 1 year Yes
Premium Add-Ons Yes Yes Yes
Extended Set of Binaries Yes Yes Yes
Custom Binaries and Build Assistance Yes Yes
Prebuilt Compression Plugins on custom platforms Yes Yes Yes
Priority Support Yes Yes
Engineering Services and Training – 50 Hours Yes
Rapid Issue Response Yes Yes
HDF Forum Yes Yes Yes
What's included with Enterprise Support?
Included with Enterprise Support Subscription
Subscription Exclusives
Issue Response System Operator, IT, and Admin User
Library End User: scientists, programmers and engineers
Direct Developer Support
Priority Help Desk: Phone and Portal < 4 hours
Rapid Issue Response *Fix or workaround < 5 days
Expertise and Training Hours **50 hours direct engineering support for mission critical issue resolution and/or hands on training
SOFTWARE: Binaries and Builds Custom Binary and Build Assistance
Backporting of bug fixes security patches Backporting for unsupported major releases of up to 1 year
Access HDF5 source and binaries between releases Access HDF5 source and binaries prior to the regularly scheduled maintenance release
SOFTWARE: Premium Add-Ons Custom Compression Filters Pre-built and tuned compression filters for your specific platform

* “Days” are Business Days Monday to Friday with the exception of federal holidays. “Hours” are Business Hours 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CST. ** Additional fees for nonlocal travel for support or training may apply. Travel times are not counted towards support hours.

Available exclusively to Enterprise Support subscribers at additional cost
Additional cost, Enterprise Support Subscription required
Add-On Services
Expert Services
Consulting and training
Application Development
Add-on module development: VOL, VFD, etc.
Application review and consulting
Filesystem performance tuning
Instructor-led training