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HDFView is a visual tool for browsing and editing HDF4 and HDF5 files. Using HDFView, you can
  • view a file hierarchy in a tree structure
  • create new files, add or delete groups and datasets
  • view and modify the content of a dataset
  • add, delete and modify attributes
About This Release
- new features and major changes of the latest version
- learn how to use HDFView to create, edit and view files
User's Guide
- information on how to use HDFView
Module Guide
- instructions on how to implement HDFView modules

Download HDFView

HDFView is installed as part of the HDF-Java binary installation. Pre-built binaries are available on the HDF-Java Download page.


The HDFView User's Guide, accessible from the top of this page, contains detailed information on using HDFView.

- - Last modified: 24 October 2014