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Latest Version:   2.10.1       [ Newsletter 141 ]   [ Release Notes ]

Download Software:

HDF-Java 2.10.1 Source Code

HDF-Java 2.10.1 Pre-Built Binary Distributions

An MD5 checksum is optionally included for each binary (in the corresponding MD5 file) for checking the data integrity.

The Unix distributions listed below do not include Java. Please ensure that Java has been installed before installing HDF-Java on Unix platforms.


HDFView and HDF-Java Wrappers:

Known Problems in 2.10.1 and Workarounds

Windows error, "PATH too long installer unable to modify PATH!"

As part of the HDFView installation on Windows, a user can select to add the HDFView path to the system path. If there is not enough space to accomodate the HDFView path in the system path, the "PATH too long installer unable to modify PATH!" error occurs:

The solution is to clean up and shorten the system path prior to the HDFView installation or to not choose to add the HDFView path to the system path. There are many pages on the web describing how to set the system path on windows. A very nice page can be found here.

Windows installer cannot be executed without administrator permissions

The Windows installer requires administrator permissions and cannot be executed without them.

Using a system installed JRE with HDFView

The HDFView scripts in the HDFView install folder under the bin directory can be changed to use a system installed JRE on Windows and Linux.

Following are the instructions for using a system installed JRE:



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