HDF Training for Your Team

We are passionate about our mission, which includes helping you make the most effective use of HDF5, HSDS, HDF4, and the broader HDF ecosystem. Hiring us for your training needs supports that same mission—a win-win situation.

Many fantastic community resources teach you how to get started with HDF5, and, more recently, LLM-based assistants will outdo each other in making fanciful claims about what they can deliver beyond that. Don’t be led down the garden path by their siren song!

You’ve come to the right place if you want to get it straight from the developer’s mouth. We have developed and maintained HDF5 for over 25 years and HDF4 for almost 40 years,. Our consultants and engineers have made most of the mistakes, so you can avoid repeating them. We offer generic or bespoke single- or multi-day training on all HDF products, which can be administered online or on-site. Curricula for new, intermediate, and expert HDF5 users are available.

Sample Modules

  • Data modeling with HDF5, FAIR-ness, and the role of HDF5 in the data life cycle
  • The HDF5 ecosystem
  • HDF5 performance debugging and optimization
  • HDF5 for High-Performance Computing (HPC) on exascale systems
  • HDF5 ETL (extract, transform, load) and migrating legacy data to HDF5
  • HDF5 files in the Cloud and HDF5-as-a-Service
  • HDF5 for AI/ML — Tools and Techniques
  • Developing HDF5 library extensions
  • Long-term archival of HDF data


Training is delivered via interactive sessions. During training, hands-on projects are completed using cloud-based resources, personal devices, or on-prem resources. This includes Docker containers, GitHub Codespaces, Jupyter notebooks, and cloud-based HPC resources.

For bespoke training events, attendees are encouraged to bring their data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any limits on the number of attendees?

Our standard training (both online and on-site) is limited to 15 learners. If you need training for more than 15 learners, please contact us to discuss options.

Can the training be customized to specific needs?

Of course. We want to ensure that your training needs are met so we will conduct an initial meeting with your team, gather your training requirements, and develop a training outline based on those requirements.

What is the lead time for scheduling a training?

We will do our best to conduct training on your timeline. If you provide us with your desired time frame, we will explore instructor availability and return with specific dates for your consideration.

Who conducts the training?

Domain Leads and Application Specialists from The HDF Group will conduct the training. We include HDF architects and engineers on an as-needed basis for custom training programs covering development, low-level tuning, and optimization topics.

Do you provide on-site training outside the United States?

Yes. Additional expenses include instructor travel expenses (airfare, ground transportation, reasonable hotel accommodations, per diem).

Can a training event be recorded?

Yes, training may be recorded and used for internal purposes only. Customer must provide their recording infrastructure.

Can The HDF Group host an onsite training?

Yes. Additional expenses include instructor travel expenses (airfare, ground transportation, reasonable hotel accommodations, per diem).

We are a Federal organization/contractor. Do you have a GSA schedule?

We are a registered vendor with the System for Award Management (SAM.gov) but do not currently have a GSA schedule. We offer government clients competitive rates and can respond promptly to a Request for Quote (RFQ) or Request for Proposal (RFP).

What post-training support is available?

  • The support channel remains open for seven days after the training event
  • Discounted support agreement if purchased within 30 days of training completion

Who do I contact for pricing or if I have further questions?

Please get in touch with our team via email: training@hdfgroup.org.