Our Mission

Mission Statement

The HDF Group’s public mission is to ensure the sustainable development of HDF® (Hierarchical Data Format) technologies and the ongoing accessibility of HDF-stored data. Our products and services will meet the high standards required by individuals and organizations who manage and rely on this crucial data. We will help our community understand HDF and make effective use of its capabilities, to ensure long-term access to HDF data, and to advance the state of the art in data management. In addition, our staff will maintain high ethical standards and provide a satisfying and productive business environment.


  • To provide high quality technologies for managing large and complex data sets.
  • To provide outstanding service to adopters of HDF technologies.
  • To ensure long-term availability and support for HDF technologies, and by extension, long-term accessibility of data stored using HDF technologies.
  • To extend HDF to address customer needs and to take advantage of innovations in the data management field.
  • To develop and sustain partnerships that finance The HDF Group’s missions while providing partners with outstanding return on their investments through the delivery and support of high quality customized data management solutions.
  • To innovate, evolve, and extend the HDF products in concert with changing technologies.
  • To improve HDF performance.
  • To maintain a high level of quality and reliability.
  • To ensure long-term maintainability of HDF technologies.
  • To raise awareness of HDF capabilities, related data technologies, and HDF Group services.
  • To provide timely, high quality service to customers in the form of user support, advanced consulting and development services, education, and training.
  • To promote standard approaches in the use of HDF that facilitate data sharing and software reuse.
  • To work with application communities to develop appropriate and effective uses of HDF.
  • To ensure long term usability and accessibility of data stored in HDF.
  • To partner with others to advance the state of the art in data management technologies.
  • To maintain high standards of personal and professional ethics.
  • To provide satisfying careers for employees.
  • To cultivate the most highly-skilled, highly-qualified, versatile, and committed team possible.