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The HDF Group offers several levels of support services so that you can select the level that’s right for your organization. All of the levels are designed to assist you in using HDF technologies to address your data management needs.

LEVEL I: Self-Service Support

Access our online knowledge base and community resources to find answers to your questions and resolutions to your general technical issues.

If you need accelerated or advanced assistance, we recommend our Level II or Level III Support Services.

LEVEL II: Priority Support

For organizations that need expedited assistance in getting started with and using HDF. If you have questions, technical issues, or need developer support, our priority support services ensure you get the support you need when you need it.

Our Priority Support Services include:

Cost = $5,000 per year

LEVEL III: Premium Support

For organizations with a commitment to HDF, Premium support offers opportunities to engage with HDF technical leaders, learn first-hand about new developments, make your needs known, and receive priority access to assistance. Premium Support customers receive all of the benefits that a Priority Support customer gets plus:

Our Priority Support Services include:

Cost = $15,000 per year

If you are interested in a Priority Support Agreement, please contact us at:


Special Projects

We will work closely with your organization to assist you in adapting your applications to HDF. Special projects are priced individually, depending on staff requirements, equipment, travel, and other factors.


We offer customized training courses on a wide range of topics from an introduction to HDF to using HDF effectively on parallel systems. Trainings may include tutorials and hands-on practical experience and can be conducted at The HDF Group headquarters or at a site of your choosing.

For more information about our additional services, please contact us at:

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